Lib Team Deathmatch Multiplayer

Team deathmatch type games are much easier to create with this library!

It will take care of the following for you:

-Player join/respawn mechanics

-Cool effect like fireworks on player kills

-Arena cages on initial spawn

-Gamemode management

-Building a map (you just need to specify a schematic)

-Allows multiple rejoins/multiple rounds of the game once you've set up the spawn points

-Announces a winning team when the specified winning score is reached (score is increased by getting kills on the opposing team)

After running the mod, you set up spawn points for each team. Once those are set up, you can join the game's lobby along with other players you've invited for some fun :)

Here's a video showing a code demo for an implementation of a TDM type game (swords vs archers):

by balthatrix

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