This page is about downloading your blockly mods so you can play them offline. Note: you'll have to install a few things on your computer.

This is a great way to put your mods on your own server or share them with friends. Please keep in mind that this is a work-in-progress alpha, and that if you run into any problems or encounter any bugs please report them on our forums.


V.0.1 - Nov 2015


  • Windows or Mac OS X
  • Java JRE 8
  • A clean Minecraft installation

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the latest version of ScriptCraft Server above.
  2. Unzip the file. You should have a new directory called scriptcraft-server.
  3. Go inside scriptscraft-server, then scripts. Inside scripts make a folder with the name of your Minecraft username.
  4. Go to, and go to the mod you want to bring offline. Go to the code, and hit the JS button in the lower lefthand corner to see the Javascript. Copy all of this code and paste it in a text document. Make sure to save your file as a .js or your mod won't work!
  5. Drag the file you just created into the folder with your username that you created in Step 3.
  6. Open the Terminal if you're on a Mac (it's in Applications>Utilities) or the Command Prompt if you're on a PC (just search for it in the search bar). cd into your scriptcraft_server folder (since you downloaded it, it's usually in your Downloads folder). You should type something like this: cd ~/Downloads/scriptcraft_server/ (if you're on a PC, omit the '~').
  7. Type java -jar spigot.jar into the Terminal or Command prompt. This should start your ScriptCraft server.
  8. Pay close attention to the text that prints out after entering the command. Look for the line that says Starting Minecraft server on *: with a number after the colon. Write down that number. We'll need it in a second.
  9. Open Minecraft. Go to Multiplayer, and then Direct Connect. Type localhost: followed by the number we wrote down after the colon. Hit Join Server. If everything went right, you should be loaded into your server in seconds.
  10. To run your mod, either find it in the mod chest or type / to access the in-game terminal then js <username>.<name of your mod>.main() and hit enter. For example, if my username was Notch and my mod named NotchMod, I would type, in total, /js Notch.NotchMod.main().

NOTE: The above directions were written for intermediate and advanced users. If you have trouble following them, check out the video below. Still having trouble? Post your problem in the forum.

ScriptCraft Server Installation and Setup